Pitch Perfect (2012)

91328_galRoze-Rating: 4.5 / 5

The film follows Beca (Anna Kendrick) and her reluctant journey to college. She’s an outsider and can’t seem to find her own kind around the campus, until one day a struggling acapella group preach for her help. She learns to develop her hidden talents while making life long friends in the process, but her edgy style eventually conflicts with the leaders old fashioned mindset, which might be the solution to their trophy drought.

I thought this film was going to be a musical, thank fack it wasn’t, can’t stand them. I tried watching High School Musical once, literally couldn’t get through more than five minutes, but that’s probably a bad film to start with. Anyways, this is a genuinely funny film which has a really cool take on the acapella phenomenon. It was really refreshing to watch a film with modern music given the acapella treatment then mashed up with more music. I’m just thankful that they made it about the music but not to the point where they were singing through the story. It had a street feel with the underdog theme, which we’ve seen loads of times, but it was a lot harder to notice than other films. This is helped by the added comedy, weird ass characters and a romance sub plot.

The film was a lot funnier than I expected it to be. I think that’s why I was so surprised by how entertaining it was. All the characters were memorable and strange in their own way, which is why the cast should take a well deserved bow for playing them with commitment. Rebel Wilson totally steals the show though, her quirky, odd-ball humor fits in perfectly, making it possibly the best comedic character of the year. Adam DeVine makes a memorable debut performance playing a character he knows all too well from his Workaholics comedy series. But the most surprising performance of them all has to be Anna Kendrick’s. We’ve seen her play a lot of timid, goody two shoes characters and seeing her play a rebel with an attitude so realistically, showed she has diversity. Oh and she can sing.

Definitely the most surprising film of the year for me, and it makes me crave more films like this, I might even go watch all the seasons of Glee… Or not.

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